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TPG Technology Consulting Ltd. is a leading developer of software to support automated mailing systems. TPG has a twenty year history of experience in the development of tools to provide barcoding of mail to improve the efficiency of mail related computer applications.

TPG has developed software to support the USPS initiative based on "4-State Barcode" technology. TPG had previsouly developed similar software for other postal agencies. The 4-state format of barcode is used by postal agencies around the world, including the Royal Mail in Great Britain, Canada, and Australia.

In the United States, the barcode implementation is called the "Intelligent Mail barcode®" or IMb by the USPS®. The implementation is based on a 65-bar barcode.

Implementation of the Intelligent Mail barcode can provide many advantages to any organization with large mailing requirements. A description of the important features of the software available is provided below.

Background and Benefits

TPG Technology Consulting Ltd. has an extensive background and expertise in software development for barcodes and mailing systems for the US and Canadian markets. TPG has completed development of software to support a new USPS® initiative called the "Intelligent Mail Barcode".

The new barcode initiative will allow USPS® customers with mailing applications to add barcodes to mail items. The barcode contains routing and tracking information which will improve the processing of mail through the mail system, and allow the implementation of a variety of value-added services, including:

The Intelligent mail Barcode fonts consist of four characters representing each of the valid barcode states. When the encoded barcode is printed with the appropriate font, it should look something like this:

The Intelligent Mail Barcode encode software is supported across a wide variety of hardware environments, operating system platforms and printer architectures.

The components of the product include:

For additional information about the barcode software and fonts, please contact: Richard Powell, by e-mail at

Implementation Approach

The Intelligent Mail Barcode initiative is one component of the USPS® Intelligent Mail program. Intelligent Mail refers to an environment in which information about mail is captured and made available in time for postal employees and customers to favorably influence their business operations.

The Intelligent Mail Barcode software and fonts can place a standardized, information-rich code on all mail to enable end-to-end visibility into the mail stream. Once this information is available on the mail pieces, various enhanced services can be made available.

For letter mail, the Intelligent Mail barcode is space-efficient, and can encode both the delivery point routing code and a tracking code that can accommodate multiple value-added services with sufficient uniqueness to meet the needs of mailers of all sizes. This eliminates a number of the restrictions which existed with older barcodes.

For More Details

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