Description of Fonts Supported

Font Design and Structure

Description of USPS Font Characters

Once the appropriate barcode has been generated using the encoder software, the barcode characters need to be printed using the appropriate Intelligent Mail barcode font. A large set of fonts are available for the most popular printer environments.

The fonts provided are fixed pitch, bitmapped fonts. Each font contains four characters for the four states of the barcode.

The available fonts have been built and tested to specifications which ensure that they will be processed correctly with the mail processing equipment in place throughout the postal system.

The 4-State Customer Barcode fonts are available for most of the popular combinations of print architectures and operating system platforms.

Printer Architectures Supported

The following table shows the combination of operating systems and printer architectures for which Intelligent Mail barcode fonts are available:

Table 1. Print Architectures Supported by Intelligent Mail barcode Fonts

Print Architecture
Operating System AFP Xerox Metacode HP PCL PostScript TrueType
MVS, z/OS and OS/390 Yes Yes


OS/400 Yes Yes


Yes Yes
Linux for pSeries

Yes Yes
Linux for Intel

Yes Yes


Distribution packages, including documentation are available for each of these environments.

It is important to select the font package that matches the technical environment in which the mailing application operates.

AFP Fonts

Many large production mailing applications are based on IBM's Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) architecture. Due to the characteristics of the AFP architecture, and the need to support printers with different densities (240 dots per inch and 300 dots per inch), a separate distribution package is available for the AFP fonts.

The following table summarizes the available AFP fonts:

Table 2. AFP Fonts Supported
Font Type Description Font DPI Density
AFP Full Height font 23 cpi 300 dpi
AFP Short Height font 23 cpi 300 dpi
AFP Full Height font 24 cpi 240 dpi
AFP Short Height font 24 cpi 240 dpi

All four font orientations (portrait, landscape, inverse portrait, and inverse landscape are supported). The orientations can be selected using standard AFP capabilities.


Any customer with mailing applications can benefit significantly by implementing the Intelligeht Mail barcode. The encoder software and fonts provide a simple way to produce barcodes from existing mailing applications.

Implementation can improve mail service, reduce costs, and save real estate on mailing pieces.

In combination with services available from USPS, the Intelligent Mail barcode will allow mailing applications to be significantly enhanced, and provide a strong return-on-investment for any business with large mailing volumes.